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Let us digitize Your Workplace: It’s About Time!

Let us digitize Your Workplace: It’s About Time!

May - 11 - 2017
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Let us digitize Your Workplace: It’s About Time!

Beirut, Lebanon: In an increasingly digitized world, HereWeApp makes the most out of technology to modernize the workplace by introducing HereWePunch: the first entirely hands-free*, smart HR and attendance system for corporations, academic institutions, hospitals, hotels, and conference halls. This revolutionary solution aims at enhancing productivity and data collection, as well as optimizing business processes.  

The idea that triggered the creation of HereWePunch came as the company CEO, Tony Istambouly, reflected on the focus corporations placed on rigid attendance at the detriment of actual productivity, and the ensuing minutes/hours that are lost on a daily basis in the process of enforcing attendance monitoring.

He explains, “It’s about time. And every minute counts. But it’s mainly about reporting the time an employee puts-in in a qualitative manner that can assess productivity at every level of the corporation”.

And HereWePunch Corporate was born. Using beacon technology and Bluetooth, the mobile-based attendance system includes features that reduce time loss, increase productivity monitoring, and enhance the efficiency of internal processes.

The solution was scaled to fit the attendance needs of the educational sector with HereWePunch Academic.

The company’s product suite is planned to further expand with HereWeTrack, a productivity and traffic tracker by excellence. While it includes all the features of the original HereWePunch, it is tailored to provide detailed data by department / room / unit / floor with a live-feed on the presence and movement of users at all times.

The core features of HereWePunch include:

  • Automatic punch-in when walking into the premises
  • Administrator insights on the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for each employee and real time information on attendance
  • Comparative rating system (rating per employee and company average punch-in time)
  • Custom push notifications that can be used to alert employees that are regularly late or have a low punch-in average
  • Corporate news feed about upcoming events, holidays, etc.
  • Customized and scheduled reporting and filtering of data
  • Corporate chat rooms per departments

About HereWeApp: HereWeApp is an innovative mobile applications’ start-up based in Lebanon with the aim to create and scale-up solutions that modernize the workplace and draw added value from your digital environment.

Find out more one this link: HereWeApp Corporate

*provided that the Bluetooth function is turned on

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