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HEREWEPUNCH Smart Mobile-based and entirely Hands-Free, Employees’ Attendance System

Beacon Technology-Ready

You can launch with as minimum as
one Beacon

Entirely Hands-Free

Entirely hands-free.
Punch-ins are automatic

Easy Integration with existing platforms

The system can be integrated with any existing
HR system through APIs

Realtime Data

Realtime upload to the HR servers, providing the
Estimated Time of Arrival of each employee

Employee UI

ETA, Ranking, Average Check-In and 30 days History.
News Feed and Chatrooms are also available

Leave / Request

Users submit emergency leave/lateness requests
which require approval from a line manager/HR

News / Chats

In the effort to enhance internal communications,
Administrators can create chatrooms by department

Customized Reporting

More functionalities of the back-end allow
Administrators to generate customized reports

Average Time

Admin UI feature Average Check-Ins, Rating,
Employees on duty and can Ping late employees


The Ping is a push notification that can be used
to alert employees with a low check-in average

Multiple Locations

The punch-in system can be set for several locations
in addition to the main premises